About Us

Tiny Squirrel is an online kid's clothing and accessories boutique offering great quality products from Canada.
We deliver to tiny squirrels across the world and our offices are located in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

When was Tiny Squirrel born?

Having two little ones at home, my spouse and I quickly realized how often we needed to renew our kids' wardrobe. While looking for quality clothes which vary in style and shape, we started running out of options. We felt like every shirt or pants looked similar. And too often, the value-for-money was disappointing.

After multiple searches online, we noticed how many awesome Canadian brands are out there, but so hard to find.

With Tiny Squirrel, we wish to share those brands with you, give them more visibility and support quality products manufactured locally.

Why "Tiny Squirrel"?

At home, the squirrel is our spirit animal. We are very active and energetic people who can't sit still.
In short, we go nuts for squirrels, especially our tiny ones.